What can we do for you?

Words are a common thread. Whether written or spoken; they create a bond between your company or organization and your customers, relations and staff. If used well, you may use words – texts – to create trust and generate loyalty. Words allow you to motivate and to enthuse.

The message you deploy to inform your target audience should be powerful and clear. Generally speaking, it is no great feat to generate the words for your website, (news)letter, press release, speech or video. However, scoring with your text is quite another matter. And this is where we can help.

A good text supports the image of your company or organization. Words, etcetera packages your message in words that will catch readers. We put ourselves in your place and ask the questions your target audience would ask. We offer professional business texts that are written quickly and efficiently, but always from the heart. Our small scale makes us flexible and competitive


Good texts are based on a briefing or an idea. We will be happy to meet with you, as a personal impression determines the tone of voice. We discuss what needs to be written, for whom it must be written, and what information it should contain. Based on this briefing, we will make a proposal. After your approval the real work starts.

Sometimes this will require research and interviews, sometimes the information you supply will be sufficient. Of course you will get the opportunity to review the text, make corrections and add to it. After all, the final product must reflect who you are!


If you have trouble conveying your message in a meeting, if you want to communicate more efficiently with colleages, if you want to become better in communicating as a coördinator, or if you want to become better at writing speeches or reports, Wordt, etcetera will develop an individual coaching trajectory. In two to four sessions we will show you the ways to comunicate efficiently and with self-assurance.     


In case you wish to produce your own (electronic) newsletters, company magazine, website or press releases, Words, etcetera can make sure you know what to look for when writing your own texts. How do you captivate your readers? How do you ensure a press release is published? In close cooperation with you we will develop a customized writing or language training. Depending on the requirements, these training sessions last anywhere from four hours to several days. We look at the choice of words, writing style, structure and tone of voice. Refresher workshops are also possible.

In short, what does Words, etcetera offer?

Internal and external business communications

  • Copywriting in English, Dutch or both languages. Texts are written based on briefings and interviews, by phone or in person (on location)

Copy check

  • Editing/correction of texts to dot the i’s and cross the t’s

Creative translations (Dutch – English or English - Dutch)

  • Rather than literally translating your text, we prefer to get your message across to your target audience


  • Individual coaching sessions to tackle a communications issue, ranging from profiling yourself in meetings to being a comminicatively effective team-leader


  • Customized language training or writing workshops